20 Years of Quality Management with ISO 9001

24. 7. 2015 Since its very beginnings, Končar D&ST has recognized the importance of doing business according to the  principles of good business practices and the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality management systems standards.
These principles are the foundation of any successfully run company.

On July 7, 1995 Končar D&ST introduced the system of quality management according to ISO 9001 standards,  and was certified by the Bureau Veritas.
At that time, getting the ISO 9001 certification was a pioneering venture, which we accomplished with great enthusiasm.  It was only the sixth ISO 9001 certificate in Croatia, and the third among manufacturing companies with no foreign ownership. During this time, we also adopted the principles and a business approach driven by customer satisfaction and achieved through fullfillment of contractual obligations. This implied process definition and documentation, clear company policy and organization, established communication and information transmission, as well as motivated and satisfied partners throughout the whole process – customers, suppliers, financial information recipients, owners, and employees.

The quality management policy then, and currently slightly revised, states:

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction.  Every delivered product and every service provided are in and of themselves a recommendation for the future orders.
Products and services carrying the Končar D&ST stamp are a synonim for quality.
Our success is based on skilled and motivated employees, our knowledge, organization, modern technology, and above all – on our attitude towards quality.
Establishing partnerships with the suppliers and generally improving the supplier quality are some of the ways of achieving complete customer satisfaction